SEO & Website Maintenance

Once you build your website, you’re done, and it takes care of itself, right?  

WRONG! Website owners also have to face the cost of maintenance.

There are two main types of website maintenance.

  1. The first is maintaining the integrity of the website code – the code that allows your website to display and function.
  2. The second type of maintenance is the regular updates to your website content.

What about content maintenance?

Most businesses have an ongoing need to update website content, like; product or service information, staff bios, news, etc. Modern website frameworks, like WordPress, have built-in content management Systems (CMS) that allow non-tech users to manage content. We find that most businesses are so busy running the day-to-day that their website content is continually being back-burnered.

What about SEO maintenance?

SEO keywords and meta tags are not as critical as they used to be. There is more emphasis these days on PPC Ad services like Google Adwords. That being said, all your content should be properly tagged and new content should be tagged using current SEO best-practices. 

Website maintenance is a necessary part of your online budgeting. Our maintenance plans begin at $75 per month.